Fuck it, here’s a list of absolutely everything either removed or downgraded from previous games in 2042

From Jellyswim_ on Reddit:

I’m seeing some people genuinely enjoying that game, and that’s great! I want 2042 to be the best game it can be, but the sheer amount of shit that’s either missing or just downright worse is astounding so here we go:
(For clarity I’m talking about only the base game content, not portal, although much of this list applies to both)

Holy crap, this list is way bigger than I thought. Some things I would have left off (like comparing the # of weapons to BF4 or Commander from BF4), but most are reasonable complaints — hopefully EA and DICE address a large chunk of these.

As I was saying about Battlefield 2042…

Shortly after I posted my last post, the Battlefield Direct Communication team posted the tweet below 🤦‍♂️

Again I ask, wtf are they going to do when there are 10x as many people playing this game on Friday? Sheesh.