Adventures with Time Machine

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently bought an M1 iMac and was having some trouble getting it to recognize the external drive I was using for Time Machine backups. Once I got that solved and set up Time Machine, I noticed that the initial backup would never complete.

The backup would run on schedule, and look like it finished, but “Oldest backup” and “Latest backup” would always say none, and the dropdown from the menu item would always say “waiting for first backup to complete…”.

I started digging and found a TON of people with the same problem (M1-based Macs only, Macs with Intel processors worked fine) and it was always the first backup (re-installing from scratch, setting up a new computer, etc.).

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Fuck it, here’s a list of absolutely everything either removed or downgraded from previous games in 2042

From Jellyswim_ on Reddit:

I’m seeing some people genuinely enjoying that game, and that’s great! I want 2042 to be the best game it can be, but the sheer amount of shit that’s either missing or just downright worse is astounding so here we go:
(For clarity I’m talking about only the base game content, not portal, although much of this list applies to both)

Holy crap, this list is way bigger than I thought. Some things I would have left off (like comparing the # of weapons to BF4 or Commander from BF4), but most are reasonable complaints — hopefully EA and DICE address a large chunk of these.

SanDisk G-Drive ArmorATD with macOS Monterey

I recently purchased a new 24” iMac (in purple, with 16GB of RAM) and wanted to replace my ancient Time Machine drive with something newer that supported USB-C. While I was ordering a few other items from Best Buy, I noticed they had a 4TB SanDisk G-Drive ArmorATD for a reasonable price, so I bought one to use for Time Machine backups.

The drive arrived today and when I plugged it into the iMac, the only thing it did was flash its light at me repeatedly. It wouldn’t mount, and I couldn’t format it in Disk Utility.

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As I was saying about Battlefield 2042…

Shortly after I posted my last post, the Battlefield Direct Communication team posted the tweet below 🤦‍♂️

Again I ask, wtf are they going to do when there are 10x as many people playing this game on Friday? Sheesh.